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Customized travel backpack should pay attention to what aspects

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-22
Within the tourism industry, many tourism companies to expand their visibility side and increase market share and will give their own customized to express their own characteristic travel backpack, so that the customer travel for pleasure. But many travel companies due to not professional, so prone to some errors in the custom travel backpack, cause to the backpack can't well meet the travel needs of customers, for this reason, let 14 years professional customized travel backpack backpack Jin Jieqiang manufacturers give you talk about order to pay attention to what aspects? And see it together. 1, travel backpack material selection is important travel bags for quality request is higher, and travel bags are more tourism travel use, therefore, you must be aware of when selecting a backpack material selection, wear-resisting, waterproof, lightweight materials, so that make to make up bag quality is good, and good quality bags for customers, also can leave a good impression to the customer. 2, travel bags according to the company's tourism circuit design with small volume and different travel, travel time length is differ, tourists need packaged goods how much is also not the same, so the tourism company custom travel backpack can be designed according to different tourist routes, respectively, as capacity can be customized travel time short lines a little bit small backpack, travel the great capacity of lines can be customized with longer time backpack or pull rod box, it can also be good services to customers, make customers feel their own high-quality service. 3, travel bags custom is to determine the number and budget most bags custom factory have the regulation of minimum quantity, if can not reach the minimum order quantity, the factory usually don't order. At the same time, the factory price according to the quantity, the number of customized travel make up bag, the more the more favorable the price is. And different travel bag fabric or size is different, the price will be different, therefore, clear the number and budget travel backpack, can ask bags custom factory can according to the budget to choose the appropriate fabric and suitable size, even give more advice. Before travel backpack order production, at the same time, with factory must show their own custom requirements, in order to avoid when shipment is wrong version is bad. Travel company travel backpack order for Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang focus bags custom business for 14 years, has a professional design and production team, rich production experience, good at custom individuality creative tourism backpack travel companies, make plan and provide the most suitable travel make up bag.
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