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Customized size, a primary school pupil's school bag to distinguish?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-07
Q: customized size, a primary school pupil's school bag to distinguish? A: orders, of course, to distinguish between primary school pupil's school make up bag. Primary school grade span from grade one to grade six, and a grade and grade 6 children, compared to the height difference is very big, if made school bag, do not distinguish between custom, the custom bag is likely to appear this kind of circumstance: tall students carrying may feel small bag, a weak students carrying felt bag big again. As a result, a primary school pupil's school bag order, need to distinguish between customization. Custom, a primary school pupil's school bag we can according to students' average age, height, physical design, general can according to the 1 - In grade 3 of a phase, 4 - Grade 6 for a period, and then according to the average height of the two stage grade physique to choose the appropriate bag size. For specific choose what size make up bag, you can refer to the national health committee of the People's Republic of China issued the schoolbag sanitary requirements of primary and middle school students, on the main dimensions of the bag and students' height and the relevant provisions of the scope, as shown in the figure below: bag back in children, the bag should not be more than a child's body width, back in the body, don't lower than children 10 cm waist at the bottom of the bag. Taking bag, the bag at the top is not higher than the child's head, belt position should be to fall 2 - at the waist 3 inches. Students bag custom, seek Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, as a long-established custom factory, Jin Jieqiang completely have the ability to customize according to customer demand design bag products, Jin Jieqiang produced bag are accord with QB/T2858 & ndash; 2007 'students book bag' testing standard, also can issue the related test report, can see the quality of the products and service, worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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