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Quality customization service, 100% personalized customization, all kinds of cosmetic bages can be customized, OEM/ODM orders, thousands of products are available, can also be customized drawings, samples, but also tailor-made, senior bags designers to serve you free of charge, to meet all your needs, to provide a comprehensive package customization program.


Look at the product effect map, confirm the material and process

After determining the style of luggage, we will communicate with you about the application material, and confirm the printing process of logo, the location, size, color of logo, as well as the telephone and website information that needs to be printed on the luggage. According to the materials and requirements provided by you, we will produce the effect map of the product, until you are satisfied, the two sides can confirm the customization plan.


Free proofing to check quality

Provide standard product model, see the actual effect of the product, check the quality of the product in an all-round way.


Suggestions for revision based on the model

If you are not satisfied with the model, please make amendments. According to your opinions and ideas, we will make the product effect map again. We can also make new proofs until you are satisfied.


Sign a contract to ensure the rights and interests of both parties

The contract will stipulate the quantity, amount, delivery time, and detailed rights and responsibilities to ensure the rights and interests of both parties.

After signing the contract, we will arrange the production plan of the bulk goods according to the production schedule.


Full quality control, punctual delivery

During the production process, we will strictly control the quality and complete the production and delivery of large cargo within the time stipulated in the contract.


Manufacturer Direct Service

Manufacturers directly provide customized services, no intermediate profits, not only easy to communicate, to meet all your needs, and the whole process of monitoring production links, to ensure product quality. More importantly, the offer is lower and the price is really good.


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