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Custom-made cosmetic bag factory production cosmetic bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-13
Cosmetic bag is in the bag category, accounting for more than one of the biggest products, also is a kind of women prefer to receive a package, a lot of channels have sales of cosmetic bag, and Jin Jieqiang art shine as a cosmetic bag manufacturers, production for how to make-up bag and well experienced, below, in winter fashion new velvet cosmetic bag, for example, say on. Above: velvet cosmetic bag from the first order of cosmetic bag material, before custom, this is the first to determine the problem, what is cosmetic bag production select material, different material in the production of cosmetic bag effect also is very difference, Jin Jieqiang art acrylic, this year will choose velvet material, velvet can be said to be bringing aristocratic senior feeling, and feel smooth and soft, choose to do cosmetic bag, it can improve a lot of charm. And dimensions after the material is also need to be sure, there are some details need to communicate, such as the logo on the cosmetic bag, is to choose screen printing or gluing, the choice is different, the effect is also be affected. Above: velvet rabbit ears cosmetic bag usually custom-made cosmetic bag before, all aspects of data need to confirm your good customer and manufacturer, every detail of each size need to be sure, that after both sides reach an agreement, you need to give orders from production workshop, workshop, after receiving notification prior to proofing, a sample delivery to the customer, the customer again after, can undertake large goods in bulk production. Production end, cosmetic bag, we need to pay attention to more is communication, once for all aspects data after both parties confirm the paper document, can't again modification, so warm prompt you, production custom order must be confirmed, even sent a size is not.
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