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Custom business bag should pay attention to the choice of fabrics and design

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-26
More and more office workers used bags to work, have a fashionable and practical business make up bag, convenient carry a variety of important documents, the goods such as laptop computer, purse, and every minute ascension temperament. With the development of personalized bags custom, many enterprises to customize business make up bag as welfare. Custom business bag focus on design and quality, attention should be paid to the choice of fabrics and design! First, the business bag fabric is better if the custom business backpack as employee benefits gifts, as far as possible choose superior quality fabrics. Making business bag commonly used fabrics have fiber cloth, artificial leather, natural leather, artificial fur, etc. , keep the principle of economical and practical, beautiful and decent, suggested optimization considering fiber cloth class. Nylon, Oxford cloth, canvas and so on are fiber cloth, Oxford cloth is making one of the most commonly used fabric bag. Variety of Oxford cloth more fancy, a plain, bleaching and color approved by Bai Wei, color the color in the weft, strip light color decorative pattern and so on, too much color soft, comfortable and soft, good air permeability, washable quick-drying features. Market at present the most common type of Oxford cloth, 300 D, 480 D, 600 D, 800 D, D, the greater the number, the more thick, the finished fabric is more thick, conversely, the more thin the thinner. Custom business bag commonly used 300 d and 600 d Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth, 300 d and 600 d Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth frivolous properly, and the price is suitable. Second, the design of business backpack design better business backpack very, appearance design is concise and fashion, inner design practical convenient, is the so-called contracted and not simple, so you can show elegant temperament and demeanor! Custom business backpack must not choose the color too much or baggy style, fancy would appear to be frivolous, baggy appear cheaper, is not conducive to maintaining the company's brand image. Minimalist fashion hits, business bag design generally pay attention to simple, portable, innovative, practical, fashion creative business bag can improve taste and self-confidence. To set up the brand image and custom business make up bag, better integrated into the enterprise culture characteristic in the design, unique label, and gives the impression of great deeper! Jin Jieqiang is a professional bags production manufacturers and sellers, for many enterprises groups customized business bag, product sales across the country, novel styles, excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, favored by the majority of customers and love!
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