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Custom bag price is determined by what factors

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-25
For have a custom bag needs of customers, in addition to choose backpack style, material, and it is important to advance understanding of custom make up bag price, if price is too high, or related to prepare in advance. So, custom make up bag price is determined by what factors? To listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. 1, backpack and customized bags and customized including very many aspects, such as material, style, size, production process, parts material, logo, product requirements, the inner packing, outer packing boxes, rules, standards, etc. These standards are the key factors that affect the price, only all the standard communication clear, the price will be more accurate. Number 2, number is also a very important factor that can affect the unit price and production standards. If the number is not satisfy the minimum quantity, the manufacturer is likely to save the human cost, will choose not to order, or order, due to can not meet the minimum quantity, custom backpack products unit price will be much higher. So, custom backpack, attention should be paid to find out about the factory in advance how much is the minimum quantity. Three proofing, this one can be said to be the essential steps in the backpack custom, according to the sample make up bag or according to the basic design manufacturer can give customers with appropriate sample, when sample set with the most accurate prices also came out. Version of the division in the proofing process has completely got the control of the backpack and lining cloth, fabric, accessories, and other using standard and artificial man-hours budget, in this way, the accurate quotation will come out. Backpack customization, please look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang specializing in the production of custom all kinds of backpack, was founded in 2004, is the collection bag design, development, production, sales for the integration of industry and trade enterprises. We served many well-known enterprises, form a good reputation in the industry, and has a group of energetic and full of nearly 20 years of experience of engineers and production personnel, to build a professional design and production team, innovation introduced high-quality goods, every quarter to ensure that products follow fashion trends, and the pursuit of the international quality, is the enterprise custom backpack of choice!
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