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Custom backpack how to determine the fabric quality

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-25
For customers custom backpack, since all choose custom, so naturally want to get a better product quality, and is closely related to custom backpack quality, an important factor is the choice of fabric, good fabrics to backpack quality that is leverage. Custom bags, then, how to determine the fabric quality? To listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. 1, the material of grain both nylon and polyester, the grain size of cloth is decided to material grade one of high and low. Backpack material is divided into 1680 d, 1200 d, 840 d and 600 d. The best 1680 d lines with double and single strands, commonly used to customize business computer backpack and outdoor bags; 1200 d lines a little thin than 1680 d, the appearance of the portable outdoor backpack, climbing package do you usually do, such as the bottom and sides; The 840 d is good briefcase material; And 600 d is a commonly used material, he has a diagonal lines generally, grooved, jacquard, etc. , appearance change, more fashion business make up bag and travel make up bag will use 600 d. When choosing these material, to observe whether texture is dense and has a type. 2, the material of rubber soled backpack made of rubber base is divided into coating and plastic laminating, brush coating rubber is better than plastic laminating. There are many kinds of materials, coating rubber respectively PU, high interest and AC adhesive, etc. In the same fabric density (rubber D) Rubber, coating than plastic laminating with rubber soles for light, feel is good, and good elasticity. Plastic laminating with rubber soles for use PVC, PE, etc. , and less permeable fabric, breathable enough, cloth will lay particular stress on, so basic did not use this rubber high-grade package, Jin Jieqiang & other; Light business, light throughout the fashion &; Bags all use coating rubber, making make up bag is light and soft. 3, look at the color of the fabric material color is colorful, gorgeous color can sometimes hide some shortage of place, but the pure color cloth can't hide. Choose pure color cloth backpack, therefore, to check whether the color is accurate and whether there is a black dot, cloth, rub off package. Custom bags, seek Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, with more than ten years of business experience in the industry, its factory owns perfect personnel, high production efficiency, strict product quality control, served many well-known enterprises, forming a good brand, reputation won numerous customer recognition and support!
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