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Cross-border electricity custom rise bag factory on how to comply

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-02
With the constant rise of online shopping, online shopping has become the norm, and now some online shopping platform, product variety, complete category, is not only limited to domestic products, there are many foreign products into the domestic, in the same way, there is also a very domestic products into the international, in fact this is a cross-border electricity, custom and bag factory, you need to seize the current environment, trend, conveniently and can do, can let oneself become bigger and stronger. Online reports, in 2018 China's exports of cross-border B2B in the electricity market size is 5. 7 trillion yuan, rose 11. 7%. Cross-border electricity network operators retail market transaction size is 1. 4 trillion yuan, rose 16. 6%. From some data we can see clearly that cross-border electricity has gradually become the mainstream, let your product, even today, in this place can travel in a few days, arrived in ocean, it is a trend, but a time, so you want to grasp this opportunity, to comply. For our tourism supplies company, foshan Jin Jieqiang art shine our layout cross-border electricity is relatively early, make a lot of hot style products, favored by customers such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia, was founded in 2012, our brand in the European Union, the United States, Hong Kong registered trademark brand, as well as the domestic registered trademarks POTRAVEL. The DESIGN and art or DESIGN rights. In 2017, we also established its own factories, this also is in order to better service the vast number of customers, we not only is the proprietary brand, we can also support the design, production, processing custom is equal to a body, let you find us, also have found a really good power source manufacturer, our purpose of cooperation, and win-win cooperation, sincerely treat each customer, with peach reciprocate, sincerely willing to work with you hand in hand, create the real let customers like products. In general, the rise of cross-border electricity for handbags custom factory, is opportunity and challenge, and is the opportunities we must seize, are we ready to meet challenges.
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