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Cross-border electricity bags is where to find good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-02
With the continuous development of cross-border electric business platform, many products have been confined to domestic use, the more is the use of cross-border electric business platform, are exported to all over the world, in cross-border electrical business, products, textile products proportion is highest, such as common bag, now can say this, as long as have bag manufacturers a good supply of goods, electric business platform operation in place, will you still afraid of product can't sell? Cross-border electric business platform bag price above: the answer is definitely won't be afraid, especially in domestic electric business platform for the seller is becoming saturated, and the foreign market, also has the very big development space, only from the product price, for the domestic price of handbags, as members of the pressure of competition, product price pressure is very low, and foreign different, the same kind of bag, the domestic price of 30 yuan, you can sell in a foreign country to $30, now one dollar is equal to 7. 0805 yuan, reduced down is 210 RMB, remove the customs freight, may say that profit is quite objective, also can form, a lot of cross-border electricity sellers primary source to find bag manufacturers. Above: art fine handbags wholesale prices Jin Jieqiang brand arts fine tourism supplies co. , LTD, is the source of a bag production factory, also can say is the primary source of the bag production, service cross-border electric business platform for seven years, committed to providing bags custom, wholesale handbags production and other services, support of OEM brand, free design, lightning shipments.
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