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Close-fitting clothing disinfection effect in what way is better? UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao care health

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-15
Underclothes every day close contact with us, if it is a daily sterilization does not reach the designated position, easy to cause a variety of diseases which affect health. Especially women, every year of underclothes bacteria infection disease of department of gynaecology is not in the minority. Along with the social development and progress of science and technology, the way people to disinfect close-fitting clothing also gradually tends to science and technology. So, close-fitting clothing disinfection effect in what way is better? Jin Jieqiang today to share some relevant knowledge. 1, sun exposure, the sun is a natural way of anti-bacterial, wash the underclothes in the sun exposure is a very good way of disinfection, but is enough sun in advance, and bask in 6 hours. For part of the urban residential population, this way is a little difficult to achieve, after all, many people live is not be so long in the sun. And sun exposure to weather conditions demand is higher, if meet with the rainy season, the sun whether there is not seeking to meet. 2, a boil hot boiling water underclothes, 3, 5 minutes is unable to completely destroy bacteria, and now a lot of close-fitting clothing material is not high temperature washing or boiling hot, high temperature, make clothing deformation or damage, furthermore, high temperature boiling hot, have to specially buy a pan, always can't get a cooking pot to sterilize underwear, and every day with hot boiling water is very inconvenient. Within three and disinfection disinfection disinfection within the chest chest effect is good, shortcomings is not portable, can only use that occupy the home, not apply to travel or business trip. 4, UVC LED ultraviolet disinfection APOLLO DREAM XiaoDuBao UVC ultraviolet ray is the UVC LED ultraviolet disinfection technology, make up bag built-in LED lamp bead can produce strong sterilization band & ndash; — Wavelength is 270 - 280 nm UVC ultraviolet, UVC ultraviolet for most bacteria have inactivated sanitizers effect, short time internal energy directly cut off the bacterial DNA/RNA molecule structure, cost of reproduction and replication, kill bacteria completely. Disinfection for 3 minutes, can even more than the sun insolates bactericidal effect of 6 hours. In addition, the ultraviolet ray also can break down odor molecules structure, can effectively remove odor close-fitting clothing and other items of the mold. XiaoDuBao UVC ultraviolet ray also is light and portable, environmental non-toxic, limited usage scenarios do not wait for an advantage, very suitable on close-fitting clothing disinfection sterilization or travel on business use. Is down, or LED UVC ultraviolet disinfection method is more suitable for daily xiaosha close-fitting clothing, with APOLLO DREAM UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao sterilized close-fitting clothing, can quickly kill close-fitting clothing on escherichia coli and candida albicans bacteria, such as sterilization rate is as high as 99. 99%, and can dispel peculiar smell, after disinfection can be safe to use. The above is Jin Jieqiang small make up to introduce & other; Close-fitting clothing disinfection effect in what way is better? ” Related introduction, everyone if the new product of Jin Jieqiang UVC LED uv XiaoDuBao interested, may continue to browse other relevant pages to know details.
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