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Chinese girlfriend what gift? A new bag, enough to carry her

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-17
The annual Tanabata festival is just around the corner, it's truly belong to the Chinese valentine's day, legend has it that on this day, cowherd and vega on the magpie bridge hand in hand together, but this time a year, this day is also known as the day of love. At this time but in the moment, is also a lot of men more headaches, the holiday to send what good? Send the lipstick, buy no color; Buy a rose? Too tacky; Buy taobao creative gift? And look straight men; Well, it's really difficult to make a man! There are also many men on this day, will search online in advance, Chinese girlfriend what gift? Related to directly drive and this words, search the number soared, also become weibo, trill some people from the media or short video to check the flow of hot style. So in the days of the holiday to send what good? Innovation and have a warm heart, for the sake of this aspect, Jin Jieqiang brand art fine, in this day of the coming season, launched a rabbit ears' target='_blank'>cosmetic bag, this in the market now is almost no product, ms itself, has the compassion, is more like a pet, especially in April this year, the starbucks has just launched the 'cat's paw cup', instantly snapped up, many didn't buy some frustrated, but it doesn't matter, you missed the 'cat's paw cup', now has rabbit ears cosmetic bag, more can move the person you love, send bag, actually is also a kind of tolerance, tolerance of her all sorts of little temper, and to forward hand in hand. Tanabata festival, gift, a new bag, enough to carry her together, can foil more responsible to you, so this holiday, what are you waiting for? Take action, love she sent her bag.
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