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Carrying bag let you feel not the same as the travel experience

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-18
In recent years, individual travel, free personal travel way, say go go to travel, in the moment you back up your bag has already started, as a small make up like outdoor sports, carry bag, can let you feel not the same as the travel experience. In many of the ancient wisdom, are related to walk, such as: every journey begins with a single step; Read numerous books than travelling. There are also some devout, also in the form of three nine knocking, one step at a time, walking towards your wild world. Travel is to walk in this place to that place, perhaps in the process of transportation is not the same, but the terminal is consistent, the Internet also had had such a joke ridicule: so-called tourism, is to look at the others from places they stay greasy stay greasy, this sentence is also has certain truth, since it is to travel, so to fully devote yourself to feel happy to travel. Some countries in Europe and the us will see a lot of people carrying bag, folding bag in hand, or rarely like americans, pulling a suitcase, it also, for the differences in the concept of travel, they tend to be more natural and unrestrained, comfortable, like adventure in the travel, and the bag you just need to take some necessary items, sometimes the bag only need a simple tent, at the mountain, can be directly in the tent, and domestic tourists, usually go out are bags out of the door, worry less with things like that, and more inclined to relax in the travel for pleasure. Now is also influenced by the European and American culture, the present young people also gradually like carrying a bag or carry bag will be able to travel to distant, followed the team outing, will only bind themselves need according to the guide line for pleasure, there is nothing new, the years have been a few route, and their travel, the front is unknown, can be friends in travel, can feel the original beginner's mind and pleasure trip. The year before, there are a couple maxed out the Internet, the couple through the way of walking, travel carrying essential supplies, began to walk 4700 kilometers from hangzhou to Lhasa tour, a total of over 150 days, arrived at the idea of the terminal, the walking process, can not travel that kind of experience can match at ordinary times, this is what, is not only a test of his own will, but a test of the body, to travel, walking is the feeling of life, is to interpret the meaning of life. Carrying bag, carry bag, said go go travel, namely is to travel, and can be said to be for their own ascension, in continuous walking, will continue to comprehend the true meaning of life, will be more love life, love of what you have now.
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