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Canvas bag custom what are the matters should pay attention to

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-03
Canvas bag custom custom in the bag industry, has always been popular, and the canvas bag is a bag style favored by consumers, it also makes the canvas bag custom became many businesses or enterprises in events often used a way of gift selection. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give you arrange some matters needing attention about canvas bag custom, to learn to understand together. 1, pay attention to Ann number choose canvas, canvas is refers to the canvas warp/weft density, the greater the number of Ann weight, the greater the surface is rough, the greater the texture. The smaller the number of Ann is the lighter in weight. Surface more smooth, more exquisite texture. The number of different Ann canvas comfort, wear resistance, such as the prices are different, and the applicable bag style is different, so the custom before the canvas bag, pay attention to the canvas material choice, canvas commonly used there are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24. The unit & other; Ann & throughout; In fact is the habit of ounces. G is 160 - 700 g/m. Generally, 160 - More than 340 gram, used for handbags, shopping bags, shoes and hats, toys, clothing, arts and crafts. 500 grams above is used in the tool make up bag, hammock, sandbags bag and so on, if there do not understand, can be related to the bag factory consultation. 2, pay attention to the custom manufacturers choose though canvas bags customized production difficulty is not high, but there is a certain strength of factory is really produce high quality canvas bag, so, in order to guarantee the final quality of the custom canvas make up bag finally, selecting a manufacturer, must pay attention. In front of the big goods production, canvas bags custom manufacturer will usually provide samples, so that customer check the material and workmanship. At this time, must have checked the samples, actually, as can be seen from the work on the strength of the manufacturer, manufacturer of generally good work are very close neat and fine printing and dyeing. Canvas bag custom find manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang is worthy of choice, trustworthy veteran manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang has sixteen years backpack customization production experience, to produce customized a variety of different types of canvas bag products, product quality has been the customer's recognition and support, and Jin Jieqiang is a set design, development, production processing and sales as one of the manufacturers, is fully capable of custom tailored for the customer design exclusive canvas bag products, and by sales after-sales follow-up your all feedback, one-stop bags customized service to you. See the strength of the reflected, choosing Jin Jieqiang you rest assured!
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