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阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization portable bag more close to the family health care

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-07
No matter any time, family health is the first priority, and away from viruses, bacteria infection is one of the important steps to prevent disease, especially the elderly, children, pregnant women or home patients, their physical resistance is not so good normal adults, daily attention to sterilization to prevent disease infection is very important. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization portable bag, more close to the family health care! 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization portable bag to use the environment as well as bacteria and virus growth environment for scientific research, research and development has created a set of sterilization, UV - receive a function in one C LED sterilization portable bag. The sterilization portable make up bag can effectively kill e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, the common pathogenic bacteria such as streptococcus, sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9%, the sterilization effect of leverage. In addition, the disinfection small portable make up bag is lightsome, wide power supply, general charging treasure sterilization can be a key to open mode, without having to wait for, very convenient, whether at home or travel or trip, can let you enjoy sterile life at any time. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization portable bag USES is the UV - C LED technology, UV - C is no residual on LED technology is non-toxic pollution-free, environmental protection performance is good, long life, small volume and a series of advantages, is the replacement of traditional ultraviolet disinfection mercury lamp rare green technology. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization totes disinfection just put the items into the package, LED lamp bead of UVC ultraviolet light disinfection after items, can be directly damaging property of DNA or RNA viruses, bacteria, viruses or bacteria can't reproduce and copy, so as to achieve sterilization. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization totes built-in UV - 12 C lamp bead, let UVC ultraviolet fully release, nowhere to hide. 12 UVC lamp bead omni-directional & other; UVC sterilization array & throughout; 360度; Surround type sterilization, disinfection more thoroughly. A few days ago, existing related research proof, UV - C LED technology for new crown pneumonia virus is inactivated, to some extent can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus, epidemic prevention special period, equipped with the disinfection portable make up bag, give yourself and your family health and safety to caress more intimately. UVC ultraviolet advantage: & middot; Security: UVC ultraviolet penetration is weak, cannot penetrate container, seal use will not harm human health & middot; Sterilization: short wave uv sterilization, sterilization has unique efficacy & middot; Thoroughness: can directly destroy bacteria, viral DNA/RNA, comprehensive kill bacteria and viruses
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