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Briefly bag order process

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-15
Now kindergarten and some primary schools and education training institutions, etc. , to expand their brand influence, will be unified custom bags handed out to students, and with the popularity of personalized bags custom in recent years, personalized custom bag is also more and more popular. Said to the bag custom, a lot of people don't know the order process, therefore, today Jin Jieqiang small make up bag custom gave you talk about what are the five processes, and see it together. 1, drawing design a brand bag, customized first starting from the design drawings. Professional bag manufacturer will communicate with customer, understand customer's school culture, image transmission and requirements, tailored for the customer brand bag design draft. The designer's drawings painting more meticulous, make bag is more close to the customer's requirements, also can prove a bag factory design professional degree. 2, selected material natural good bag has good main ingredient, can foil the school brand strength, bag factory bag material is selected according to customer requirements, no matter what the material choice, the thickness of the bag factory require is main material with vernier caliper to quantity, each piece of material is best even a millimeter can vary. 3, the fabric cutting of fabric is reflect bag factory plate-making technology, for example Jin Jieqiang manufacturer plate-making process. Jin Jieqiang own plate-making room, plate-making master will follow the style and size in the drawings, quickly make a precise and complete make up bag the cardboard. 4, bag material joining together to assemble the skill level of the producer of this step is very need, because a good bag is not light beautiful, more durable. Some for more than ten years are not bad, they will need to test the maker of the craft. At this point, you can see that bag manufacturer professional. manufacturers are looking for? Jin Jieqiang custom factory is specialized in the r&d, design, production of nursery school bag, bag bag manufacturer of primary and middle school students, have 14 years experience in bag custom, all the year round for tsinghua students, longpan international school and other school bag.
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