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Be careful bags custom manufacturer routines

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-07
Bags custom recently in the present world is getting to be bestowed favor on newly in recent years, many companies recognize the bags after custom meaning, choose custom personality in corporate gift bags as employee benefits or customers, therefore, in recent years bags custom is more popular. But bags custom is good, but Jin Jieqiang small make up remind everybody: & other; Be careful bags custom manufacturer routine deep & throughout; , this is how to return a responsibility? To look at the following introduction. 1, the strength is true thanks to the Internet developed, many enterprises procurement staff used on the Internet looking for a manufacturer, but also the continuous development of the information age has created some false information, the Internet has a lot of the strength of the manufacturers themselves with underground without the sort of bragging is heaven, but actually very pit dad, so buyers want to know whether factory has complete production capacity, the might as well field investigation, said better than seeing is believing. If you don't really have conditions to on-the-spot investigation, also want to choose those that online evaluation of word of mouth, manufacturer bragged still don't choose, procurement staff also need to learn to distinguish the true and false of information, in order to choose a suitable manufacturer. 2, do not think that is a good factory price is lower procurement staff is very concerned about a problem, a lot of people in communication with the factory at low prices, will be fast. But the professional handbag manufacturer, price will be more cautious, never quote casually, usually to fully understand customer needs, then according to the customer demand to nuclear material will only be given after appraisal, accurate prices will have to wait until the proofing before they can give. So, where procurement staff, good quality bags prices are a little higher, if hit some routines deep handbag factory, to get the order, will secretly on the material and quality. 3, the goods time must pay attention to the normal professional handbag factory will arrange production plan, to ensure product quality under the premise of as much as possible to cooperate with customer delivery date. In bags custom in the industry, however, some luggage factory use all sorts of excuses to delay the goods time phenomenon not uncommon. Meet with the factory delay the goods time make use of the procurement contract rights is the best way. Bags custom still hotspots for looking for a factory? Choose Jin Jieqiang, the quality of the goods time all trust, as benchmarking enterprise of guangdong suitcase industry custom, Jin Jieqiang has focused on bags production and research and development, is committed to providing valuable bags custom service!
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