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Bags used type of crowd

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-18
No matter what age you are what occupation, package, is essential for your personal items. White-collar workers need backpack, briefcase, business, etc. , students need to bag, mom needs mummy bag, mountain climbers need package. Of course, want to choose a suitable for their own good quality package, which is also a lot of knowledge. To find out the kinds of package, to find out more bags use crowd that several types, said by small make up for the below. A, a crowd type 1. Women bags is women's fashion wear take necessities, street fashion bags almost every female staff. Common female bag handbag, wallet, single shoulder bag, backpack, etc. Different from men's bags, handbag most gentle and lovely. 2. Men's men's bags is one of the men of personal adornment. For most men, though, don't like women's handbags, colorful, mexicana, but bag collection up a man's dedication to work and potential ambition: a thick stack of documents and data, agreement, indicates their future opportunities and wealth. 3. After baby young child half years old children can back some material close skin and weight is small package. Most children's package now lovely modelling, can stimulate a child's imagination. But also have lost backpack, general is an adorable baby backpack with a belt, so that parents took the baby to prevent the baby lost. 4. Adolescence often carry bag mainly has one shoulder inclined shoulder bag and shoulder make up bag. With clothes of inclined shoulder bag is a lot of boys love, but for teenagers studies hard, bag textbooks with the weight of the burden of backpack will be beneficial to the health of the spine. 5. Middle-aged and old old backpack relative to fashion, more exquisite and more comfortable. Mom dad package generally use the material such as leather or canvas, design is simple and easy, strong practicability. 6. Maternal pregnant need to prepare the production list, and after the production need to prepare the baby products, require mummy bag capacity and load ability if enough. So maternal embrace are generally large capacity and more likely to be in every bag. Whether type used in bags, Jin Jieqiang all meet! Jin Jieqiang main production computer bags, briefcases, mummy bag, mountaineering bags, handbags, backpacks, school bags, etc. , is committed to providing considerate high-quality OEM processing, to map processing, sample processing, design, customization and other services, the company adhering to the & other The good faith management, serves attentively & throughout; Concept, more than 12 years to focus on personalized bags custom, reputation guarantee!
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