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Bags promotional four principle

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-18
Recent often have clients on the website, consulting bags promotion choose what good? Bags promotion is a marketing means of many enterprises, so choose a proper make up bag as a promotion is very important, but what exactly does a promotional methods should be how to grasp, small make up here to sort out some related principles, for your reference. , novelty novelty, is the new product promotion to strive for outstanding, don't pick the supermarket department store is selling goods, and to have a strong sense of value, make consumers feel the promotion products cost is not too low, to be new and smart, otherwise it will for & other; The wool is on sheep's body & throughout; Make the products be consumers to abandon lose price competitiveness. Two practical principle, practical principle, is the promotion products chosen must have practical value, the best is easy to use. Such as lady always to cosmetic bag, wash gargle bag. Men used to shoulder bag, backpack, etc. This is to let the consumer feel promotion products, is a really useful things, the money you spent a product bought two things. Three, seasonal summer promotion principle should be light and compact, portable, functional properties and practical bags, as promotional products is preferred, can effectively drive is suffering heat consumers' impulse consumption, such as wash gargle bag, bag, cosmetic bag, leisure make up bag and so on. As some metropolitan city worker, daily work is very busy, very not easy over the weekend to rest up a swim, then travel on to put on make-up bags, wash bags, such as small receive goods, compact and portable. If travel, at that time you need a light of recreation make up bag or sports bag. Four relevance principle, relevance principle, that is, the choice of promotional materials and the product itself has certain relevance or complementarity, the consumer should be or must have the gift, can use or better use of the product. Such as buy a backpack send folding bags, wash bags, small bags, buy a bag to send packets. Enterprise the goal is to let the consumer see the gifts as soon as think of products, and then think of the corporate image, has spread the effect of enterprise products and brand image. Jin Jieqiang have bags custom experience of more than 12 years, specializing in the production of custom-made backpack, sports bag, cosmetic bag, such as bags promotion, novel styles, fine workmanship, high quality and low price, with different material, suitable for the needs of consumers, can come to diagram to be customized and fully to produce customized products according to customer requirements, the products are widely used in all kinds of product sales, good quality, trustworthy!
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