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Bags in the zipper should be how to maintain

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-20
Whole service life of the zipper quality for bag length can be decisive, zipper if often use without maintenance, the quality will be affected, more or less will affect the normal use of bags. Therefore, in the case of daily use in the process, we must learn to maintain zipper, in order to prolong the service life of bags. Let below small make up to introduce introduces the zipper bags should be how to maintain, hurry to get to know understanding. 1, zippers in daily use process, must pay attention to the antirust processing, including the zipper is susceptible to corrosion of aluminum alloy, so should be kept dry, do not be affected with damp be affected with damp, to prevent tooth generated aluminum oxide of white, long will incur zipper rust, affect the use, also must pay attention to the zipper does not contact with alkaline and acidic substances, so as to avoid oxidation rust is bad. 2, when zipper is used to correct use, before pull zipper, must be on both sides of the tooth near the first, must be aligned at the top, and then holding metal luggage zipper head along the orbit gently pull, can't pull too hard. Pay attention to when using zippers have to take off the teeth, skew, such as faults, have these defects to repair in time, don't be hard to pull. If zipper pull hair acerbity, can on the zipper teeth layer first apply a layer of wax, so use zipper will more smooth. 3, metal zipper easy oxidation wipe flower flower, so, if there is no bag, can use paper or dust bag bags or zip sets up, try to reduce the wastage of the zipper, prolong its service life. Customized fashion creative backpack, select start from zipper. Jin Jieqiang to customers customized bags are using high quality zipper, used it, can see the strength of the reflected, is worth trust. Jin Jieqiang founded in 2004, factory located in guangzhou huadu, is a set design, production, trade as one of professional production enterprises, the make up bag make up bag can be to figure to sample custom, also can let the design research and development of new style, satisfies the customer the personalized customization requirements, good quality trustworthy!
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