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Bags in the custom LOGO matters needing attention

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-13
In case custom, customer LOGO customization is more exquisite, after all, the LOGO represents the corporate culture, is to present directly to the other people see, the LOGO effect how can affect others the impression of enterprise directly, so the custom bags, LOGO printing is also need to pay special attention to, today, Jin Jieqiang small make up bags in the custom LOGO gave you talk about the matters needing attention, to learn to understand together. 1, clear LOGO size print LOGO on the bags, the proportion of the LOGO size to make sure good, most of the time, the greater the size of the LOGO is not as visible as possible, but appropriate proportion of the LOGO size is the best, custom bags, may require the bag manufacturer to design a LOGO printing effect, and according to confirm the renderings produced gift small kind, finally can according to the actual visual effects for the beautiful or not determines the production of LOGO size and proportion, especially on surface printing LOGO and embroidery LOGO on the knitted fabric, more needs to be careful with the size of the LOGO making and proportion. 2, determine the position of the LOGO printing position determine LOGO sometimes is a very interesting things, such as for the same product to different customers, according to their corporate LOGO color, size, shape and other factors, to determine the LOGO printing on different position, which is not a strict rules, but need according to the customer's preferences and visual aesthetic effect to comprehensive consideration. 3, LOGO color should pay attention to the color of the LOGO in different enterprises are not the same, but at the time of custom bags, customers will pay attention to your corporate LOGO color and the make up bag color is tie-in, if don't match, will pay attention when selecting a fabric color, must choose a good fabrics collocation, make such bags effect will be better. In short, if the distance shipment time is loose, it is recommended that the enterprises can ask to see the printing design renderings and printing samples. Jin Jieqiang specializing in the production of custom all kinds of bags, including computer make up bag, travel bag, canvas make up bag, tool kit, backpack, etc. , is a set design, development, production, export trade as one of the suitcases and bags, can be designed according to the specific requirements to customize or to chart to sample custom make, can also be printed trademark LOGO, material customized according to customer's budget, quality trustworthy!
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