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Bags fabric quality as you can see what point

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-01
There are many kinds of bags can be made up of fabrics, the fabrics of different difference is very big in terms of quality, consumer is in custom bags, if you want to end up owning good quality bags, fabric choice is very important. So, bags fabric quality as you can see what point? Jin Jieqiang below small make up answer answer to everyone, to understand understand together. 1, fabric luster good bags fabric under the illuminate of lamplight there is a difference in the deep soft brightness, glossiness is different of different fabrics, nylon fabric density is thick, so the luster to brighter than any other cloth fabric; Leather itself is reflective, so some luster will be on the high side. 2, good fabric texture fabrics feel is very delicate, feels very warm and comfortable not grinding hand, will use natural sense of vertical suspension. Nylon/polyester fabric texture clear, lines with a higher density, small nylon fabric and also have the function of the resistance to tearing. 3 good fabric, fabric weight and taste is generally lighter in weight. Cloth fabric, Nylon, polyester, canvas) Light and soft, easy to sewing cutting, easy to carry. The heavier leather, however, seems to be more real, general inspection is to look at the leather have taste, good leather has no taste. 4, good fabric elastic fabric itself has very good flexibility and reducibility, together with the hand also can restore into flat, no fold. The most suitable for the detection used in leather. Looking for reliable quality bags custom manufacturers, seek Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang was established in 2004, is the make up bag manufacturer for more than a decade, we are a professional customized travel bags, luggage custom of rich experience, can be completely according to your request custom design, let you worry satisfaction!
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