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Bags export inspection of project what to do

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-18
Is bags producer in China, good processing and export to other countries in China each year plenty of suitcases and bags, bags exported to other countries, should check good product quality, at the same time need to meet other countries import relevant laws and regulations, which requires the luggage before export declaration for inspection, only have the quality pass, export quality is the pass of suitcases and bags. Today, Jin Jieqiang small make up bags export gave you talk about what to do for inspection of project, and see it together. 1, the function test function test is the functional verification of bags products, according to the functional test cases, item by item, test, check whether the product is to achieve the function of the user's request. Bags primary function is to carry goods, carrying capacity is mainly manifested in enclosure, straps, pull, lateral load-bearing capacity, such as need for bags on key parts of the test. Physical test is 2, physical test resistance and resistance to heavy luggage, but also to test the performance of applied physics, breaking strength, the strength of stitching, rubbing fastness, anti-aging, abrasive resistance, color sublimation fastness, color migration and a series of tests. 3, chemical, chemical testing generally refers to the material used in the case whether can meet the environmental requirements, need to test by the standard of each country. Luggage exports Europe and the United States needs to provide chemical environmental harmful substances testing projects mainly include azo dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, organotin compounds, flame retardant, alkyl phenol, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. , generally require third-party authoritative testing institutions to provide quality inspection report. Jin Jieqiang is a professional committed to the development and design, production and sales of bags, brand promotion as one of the substantive company, factory is located in guangzhou huadu, has more than 10 years of bags customized production experience, strong product development capability and production capacity, can be designed according to the specific requirements of the customers custom, support for custom, won numerous domestic and foreign customers trust and recognition!
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