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Bags enterprises to exploit overseas market, need to pay attention to four questions

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-19
As domestic luggage industry competition and market tends to saturation, many foreign enterprises began to focus on the the luggage' target='_blank'>make up bag market. But you know, due to the differences of national conditions and cultural practices, good bags enterprises to develop overseas market also is not easy, the need to pay attention to the following four points: 1: multi-function product design innovation China bags manufacturing industry has a considerable advantage, if in terms of design innovation, will be more competitive. At present the trend of the product is, emphasizing the multi-function. Such as backpack, such as waterproof, prevent grind, shock, scratch-resistant, these features are integrated together in whole or in part, is called the dual function, as one or more. Extend again, bags and can be divided into multiple, backpack, computer bag, sports bag, etc. , a lot of kinds. 2: in fact, creativity and inspiration for Chinese box manufacturers, the most important still is creativity and inspiration, purchasing products in China by foreign investors, not just getting cheaper, at the same time is looking for a new product, new product under different cultural collision. Luggage industry culture account for the important component, the children of the east have different cultural background, they tend to design some westerners can not match, it is often the most impress foreign consumers. Three: strictly control the quality standard bags enterprise products are exported to the eu must accord with the eu quality standards, such as CE mark, must by well-known quality inspection institutions detection. Some bags as a new product, sometimes even don't know the quality inspection agencies should belong to which category, not a standard of quality control, it is hard to do big bags enterprises. Four: the goods time to have the concept of time foreign procurement is very strict with the goods time time, must be in agreement and contract at first time. Bags enterprise if didn't finish the goods time of delivery, as foreign procurement is probably just cancel the order, no matter how the quality of the products, goods to foreign procurement of late it doesn't make any sense! Therefore, bags enterprise on the grasp of the time, it is important to note that concept.
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