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Bags custom what are commonly used coating fabrics

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-10
Bags custom is one of the enterprises personalized gift custom, customize different' target='_blank'>make up bag style depending on the selection of fabrics, in addition to the original fabric, collocation is the commonly used fabric bags custom coating fabrics. The following about shampoo custom commonly used coating fabrics. 1, PU coating, polyurethane coating. PU leather is leather, with leather texture and appearance of coating fabric feel is plump, elastic, surface of membrane. 2, down-proof coating, namely down-proof coating, coating can prevent run down and feather velvet, suitable for down jacket fabrics. But every water pressure requirements of the coating now PA coating is also called down-proof coating. 3, PA white plastic coating, the fabric surface with a layer of white acrylic resin, can increase the rate of the cloth cover, opaque color, and make the cloth color is more bright-coloured. 4 white plastic coating, PU, the fabric surface with a layer of white polyurethane resin, basic with PA white glue, but PU white glue coating after feel fuller, more elastic fabric, better fastness. 5, pearl coating, pearl coating on the surface of a fabric, the fabric surface with pearl luster, have a silvery white and color. Dress is very beautiful. There are PA pearl and PU pearl, PU more smooth than PA pearl bead light shining, membrane are better, more & other; Pearl film & throughout; The laudatory name. 6, organic silicon elastomer coating, also known as paper coating. Is suitable for making shirts for thin cotton fabrics, feel is plump, very brittle and full of elasticity, strong resilience, anti-wrinkle. For thick fabric, good elasticity, good fastness. 7, film coating, calender and coating on the surface of a fabric, the fabric surface film formation, completely change the style of the fabric. General skin membrane surface to make the front of the garment, leather style. Have inferior smooth and light two kinds, and all sorts of color can be added in the coating to make color film, very beautiful. 8, fire retardant coating, and through the fabric pad or coating process, make the fabric flame retardant effect. And on the fabric surface paint color or silver. Commonly used as curtains, tents, clothing, etc. 9, dupont teflon is three. Dupont teflon is a kind of waterproof, anti-fouling, prevent oil, functional coating fabrics is through the process dupont teflon fabric, the fabric has the function of waterproof, prevent oil and antifouling belongs to high-grade coating fabrics. 10, uv coating, and through the anti-uv fabric, and make the fabric has the function of uv radiation that prevent ultraviolet penetration ability. Generally more difficult to do light color and brunet easy target.
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