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Bags custom should grasp the four points

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-09
Bags custom to find a reliable factory, but buyers are looking for the factory, or to the luggage industry, so as to choose a good manufacturer, also don't have to worry about be cheated. Therefore, today Jin Jieqiang should grasp the small' target='_blank'>make up bags custom gave you talk about four points, and see it together. 1, professional and formal equipment factory is the preferred professional regular equipment factory of bags order process is very perfect, and handbag designer and senior play version of the master, familiar with all kinds of fabrics, hardware and process, can by hand and eye can see sample make up bag fabric and price, let customers more worry rest assured! 2, the first sample with pp samples could not be a less looking for handbag factory processing custom bags, must ask handbag factory the sample first, carefully check the quality of the sample, confirm the workmanship and process after all have no problem, can continue to talk about big goods production. Before the formal production, still should ask workshop making pp samples, once again to prevent the error in the process of bulk production. 3, big goods timely communication during the production and inspection during the big goods production, and factory communication between each other is very important, and to further safeguard the timely communication and inspection the quality of the goods, at the same time ensure that big goods delivery. Big goods production is completed, will random inspection finished products. 4, attaches great importance to the make up bag factory to provide after-sale security some luggage factory is very irresponsible to customers, in order to receive orders, after received money, basic no matter production quality, do a customer a death. Therefore, looking for the factory custom bags should attach importance to the make up bag factory is a commitment to provide after-sale guarantee, and signed the relevant agreement. Custom bags look Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang focus bags customized for 14 years, is committed to build a leading brand bags custom! Jin Jieqiang always insist on & other; In the customers, for customers throughout the &; For the purpose, truly realize the personalized bags custom, Oxford cloth, canvas, nylon, the material such as leather bags can custom design, product quality and cheap, service considerate considerate!
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