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Bags custom manufacturers to teach you to identify the quality of the bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-12
In the new era, the individuality is everywhere, people are becoming more and more the pursuit of quality of life, yearning for different. “ Custom & throughout; Represents the personality and unique, gradually thorough popular feeling, become a household word, even increased to a attitude and way of life. Life need to customize, & other; Custom & throughout; Extends to every aspect and clothing live line, like a virus, it is changing the business development track. Life cannot leave the luggage, travel without bags, so bags personalization sadly arisen. With the discovery of era, the demand of people have to give priority to with own individuality demand, at the same time, strict in quality of the bag. So enterprises how to distinguish the quality of the make up bag? Next, let Jin Jieqiang small make up teach you how to identify the quality of the bag. First, a bag of quality, we should begin from the material of bag. Distinguish between the material of bags, cloth, PU, PVC, leather and other materials. Cloth bag is very good, judged by touch can feel out the difference of quality, general soft and resilient, grain is exquisite, is a good material; The cortex mainly three types of leather and PU leather, PVC. At present most of the bag is PU leather or PVC fabric; Leather due to the limited resources, and material are relatively expensive, luxury handbags with more. Everyone more common bags on the market are mostly PU leather or PVC material, the feel is soft, and stain resistant. Second, to look at the work of bag. Is good, a bag in his hand and see stereo feeling can tell, whether is symmetrical, whether can give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling. This request in the process of custom bags sewing skills, the demand is higher, see whether the sewing bag, bag outside edge linking any redundant, inside of the bag, hand sewing have distorted, pull a few zipper whether smooth, the whole zipper whether there is a wrinkle, if not smooth, inclusion is a bit twisted. Look at the bag of oil while at the same time, whether there is the condition of the package, whether oil edge evenly, and so on. Third, is to see the hardware fittings bag. Often good quality handbags hardware accessories are very light, quality is bad on the bags of hardware accessories, it is only a rough plating, not after polishing, the surface is not smooth, and the colour is not pure. Other accessories, such as the diamond is strong, color is not straight. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademark were pure steel after polishing treatment after plating, so it is not easy to oxidation and rust. For some bags with ladies usually want to learn more, watch more, have the opportunity to can go to the field of bag manufacturers to see see! Bags custom Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, has 13 years experience, quality of the control principle is Paramount for bag, custom if you are looking for bag manufacturers, can inquire, or visit our factory, we welcome you at any time!
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