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Bags custom leather material is good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-06
Very high-grade leather make up bag material is a kind of material, due to the relatively scarce raw materials and processing method of leather material is heavy and complicated, therefore, the material made of real leather bags are not low price, so, many people will doubt high prices make leather bags what is good, take a look at Jin Jieqiang for what do you think of this question. Leather material refers to the use of an animal skin made of raw materials, common leather made of leather, crocodile skin, pig skin, etc. Make leather material bags, simple sense is very good, the sense that gives a person is also relatively high-grade, and leather material quality is better, even if with the off for a long time also won't appear artificial leather skin, fade phenomenon, more suitable for professionals used on formal occasions, many international brands of bags on the market is to use real leather material custom by hand. Although the make up bag good quality leather material makes no words, but the leather material also has some shortcomings, first of all is the real leather material raw material is rare, so the price of materials is relatively high, for general enterprises, to under the condition of limited budgets leather bags in mass customization, basic is impossible, after all, the high cost can be overwhelming. Second, leather material in use process is strict, can't cut ceng, water spray, contact corrosive goods and so on, otherwise, the bags will be deformation or damage, will affect to use. Moreover, leather material for processing technology demand is higher, generally require pure handmade, and normal manufacturer is can afford the manpower, the rare raw material, processing technology is complex, so the cost is very high also, not suitable for mass production, the average consumer also can't afford to the prices of leather bags. So, custom bags, advised to choose a higher ratio of artificial PU, Oxford cloth, nylon material, such as the material to make the bags on the market are more common, its appearance, style, quality is good, also more appropriate used by professionals.
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