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Bags custom is good, but the three details can not be ignored

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-07
Bags custom industry booming in recent years, under the large and medium-sized enterprises of all ages. However, in the enterprise custom package procurement share only as a main part of the project purchasing, so many enterprises procurement staff a lot of clear custom bags should pay attention to what aspects. Bags custom is good, but the three details can not be ignored. 1, picture inquiry can only be used as a reference price is always sensitive focus in procurement activities, is also enterprise in one of the most concerned about the main points of the purchasing custom bags. However, if the procurement staff bags photo or design renderings, alone with the bag manufacturer for inquiry price comparison, actually this is not a accurate accounting prices of products, bags manufacturer business personnel with pictures can only estimate not accurately calculate the price, so the business personnel also dare not to worry order across the proofing process orders directly. 2, proofing quality representative equipment manufacturers have strength the strength of equipment manufacturer in design, procurement, production process is very professional, can make customers want bags styles, even manufacture according to customers to provide samples, proofing out also is essentially the same with the original. In bags material on the market, both in the same fabric, and accessories not casually can deserve to go up, this needs a professional shop personnel have depth knowledge of material channels to do, of course also needs a gimmick excellent play version of the division to make out good sample. 3, reserve enough production time, and time limit for a project bags custom is a carefully crafted process, to ensure the quality of the products, the best looking for make up bag manufacturers, in advance to the bag manufacturer to reserve enough production time and the time limit for a project, don't put the delivery date is too tight. If not normal style, the new style in production must be faced during the workers to adapt to the production efficiency is low, all process and procedures need to be established and adaptation, including the new production will be sudden problems also need time to deal with, objectively speaking is often the time limit for a project on these problems result in the error and continue. Jin Jieqiang is a collection development, design, production, sales as one of the bags company, committed to providing professional bags custom services, products to order delivery through-train service, to ensure product quality, reduce product cost, technical force is abundant, the production cycle is short, the process professional trustworthy!
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