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Bags custom fabrics choose to see what quality high and low points

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-06
Bags customization options there are many kinds of fabrics, the simple sense of different fabrics and price difference is very big, make bags product quality will also because different materials appear different, but without exception, to make high quality bags products, at the time of fabric choice, must pay attention to the quality control, only high quality fabrics with exquisite craft to make good bags products. Then, choose bags custom fabrics, quality high and low to see which point? To see how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. 1, fabric texture, fabric quality can be achieved by touch feeling, good fabrics feel is very delicate, feels very warm and comfortable hand grinding, suspension will use the drape of a natural, the greater the density of the fabric texture and obvious, wear-resisting performance is also better. 2, fabric luster good bags fabric under the illuminate of lamplight there is a difference in the deep soft brightness, glossiness is different of different fabrics, nylon fabric density is thick, so shiny compared to other cloth fabric brighter; Leather itself is reflective, so some luster will be on the high side. 3 good fabric, fabric weight and taste is generally lighter in weight. Cloth fabric, Nylon, polyester, canvas) Light and soft, easy to sewing cutting, easy to carry. The heavier leather, however, seems to be more real, general inspection is to look at the leather have taste, good leather has no taste. 4, good fabric elastic fabric itself has very good flexibility and reducibility, together with the hand also can restore into flat, no fold. The most suitable for the test to use on the leather, elastic is genuine leather. 5, numerical reference fabric of wool fiber diameter micrometers, numerical as small as possible, starting from 14 microns bargain fabrics, top fabric can be up to 11 o 'clock a few microns. Above is related briefly described about the quality of your bags fabric, if you want to customize the high quality make up bag products, fabric choice is very important, if everyone in custom bags, the fabric have not understand of place, can be consulting with Jin Jieqiang factory, we will carefully for you to answer. Bags custom, please look for the Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, Jin Jieqiang product customization is made of high quality fabrics, good products from good fabrics, Jin Jieqiang is a collection of bag design, development, processing and custom, independent sales for the integration of luggage manufacturers, more than 10 years dedicated to bags, computer bags, travel bags, luggage and other kinds of bags custom, complete product range, is the enterprise backpack custom quality manufacturers!
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