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Bags custom choose what kind of fabric is good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-06
Bags in the custom key one step is the choice of fabric, fabric quality directly related to the case of finished product quality and price. So, before custom bags, according to their own needs to choose a suitable material, and plenty of fabrics on the market, quality is uneven, consumers don't know how to choose. Jin Jieqiang below small make up the little knowledge to share with you luggage fabrics, and see what bags fabric and bags custom to choose what kind of fabric is good? 1, the material of cloth is very widely used in the middle of the bag, the softness and wearability of cloth is very good, at any time processing technology advances, the waterproof performance of cloth is also more and more good, make up for the deficiency of the material itself, and more prone to style design on the cloth, cloth bags more and more into the market, so become a leading role in the field of bags. 2, natural leather, natural leather is the leather material, we used to say like leather, pigskin, are some of the common leather fabrics such as crocodile skin, make it of fabrics of leather bags quality is very good, also looks very high-grade, their durability are relatively good, but you can't cut ceng, water spray, etc, and leather qualitative material is rare, the processing technology is complex, so the cost is very high also, not suitable for mass production, the average consumer also can't afford to the prices of leather bags. 3, man-made leather leather fabrics rare based cost is high, but people also want to bags can have brought by the genuine leather material texture, therefore, man-made leather arises at the historic moment. Now high-tech processing technology can make artificial leather handbag texture and texture of genuine leather bags, and man-made leather of reactants, the craft is mature, the price is cheaper, so the artificial leather is also loved by consumers in the market, everyone in custom bags when also can choose according to their own needs love synthetic leather material. 4, fiber fabrics in all aspects of life, the fiber fabric has important application, luggage manufacturing industry is no exception in its form, fiber fabrics not only can be used as a luggage fabrics, also is an important part of the make up bag. More common in the market now there are a lot of luggage fabrics, fibre fabric has the advantage of cheap, wear-resisting durable, colour collocation of rich, design diversity, application range is very wide. Knowledge of related small bags custom fabrics is introduced here, there are many kinds of luggage fabrics, we can according to use purpose, when ordering bags budget, style and so on carries on the corresponding choice. Bags custom, please look for the Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, Jin Jieqiang product customization is made of high quality fabrics, good products from good fabrics, Jin Jieqiang is a collection of make up bag design, development, processing and custom, independent sales for the integration of luggage manufacturers, more than 10 years dedicated to bags, computer bags, travel bags, luggage and other kinds of bags custom, complete product range, is the enterprise backpack custom quality manufacturers!
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