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Bag quality is the enterprise image crisis 'the shortest board'

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-02
In the present era of fast consumption, who will occupy the advantage who can take the lead in luggage market. For this' target='_blank'>bag manufacturers surprisingly recruit promotion war war '. However, as the universality of custom marketing model, for the purchase has not, instead, some spot even take out the defective goods means of low prices to attract buyers, hard to shape up severely dampened enterprises and brand culture connotation. Equipment quality determines the equipment enterprise sales and performance, is the enterprise image crisis & other The shortest board & throughout; 。 quality is the enterprise image crisis most areas of high incidence of risk. “ The poor quality & throughout; High-frequency words become bags enterprise image crisis, especially serious. Bags of poor quality, easy to cause the attention of buyers and discontent. At the same time, & other; The poor quality & throughout; Phenomenon from & other; Objects throughout the &; Spread to other areas of risk, to become the enterprise image ills, serious damage to bags manufacturer's credibility. Visit each big make up bag market, found that many large enterprises to sales customer service very seriously, be polite and to stand in the Angle of the guest to solve real problems, but there is still a little factory can not reach such effect, bags quality is not so satisfactory, service attitude also can't keep up with, the ratio of the two, clinch a deal the effect. As a competitive industry, work harder in the aspect of management and marketing, let the bags quality guaranteed, improve service quality, the market competition is a great advantage. Only pay attention to the quality of bags and not pay attention to service, or focus on luggage service quality and to keep up with, which will hinder the healthy development of the enterprise, only the bags quality will do a good job, set up the brand image, services to go up to help enterprises. And we Jin Jieqiang did in this respect is very in place, no matter from the packaging design, to product manufacturing and assembly all is the use of raw materials for production, don't like the shoddy on market! Jin Jieqiang, was founded in 2004, up to now bags experience count the years, so the bags quality assured, service quality is also made.
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