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Bag of choose and buy is about how to choose the right size

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-17
Q: the size of the backpack to choose how to choose appropriate answer: different types of bags with different size, shape and everyone's height is not the same, suitable size is also different, backpack only choose the right size backpack, burdened with dress, size collocation can bring out the best in each other. of choose and buy, we can according to the body and waist size to choose and buy: one, according to their own torso choose backpack 1, trunk length is less than 45 cm, can choose small backpack. 2, the length of the trunk in 45 & ndash; 52 cm, choose medium backpack. 3, trunk more than 52 cm in length, then choose a large bag. Second, according to their own waistline choose backpacks, waist size in the 68-1 - Between 78 cm, can choose small backpack. 2, in 78 - round the waist - Between 92 cm, the selected medium backpack. 3, waist - in 92 - Between 106 cm, choose a large bag. 4, waist size is larger than 106 cm, it is recommended that the selection of oversized backpacks. Backpack when the choose and buy, how to correctly choose backpack the size of the problem, can be as a basis for waist circumference and torso. If is to choose the factory custom, the need for detailed communication with manufacturer. Select manufacturers custom backpack, small make up recommend Jin Jieqiang, in this Jin Jieqiang established 15 years, backpack production experience, can according to customer requirements to produce the size of the backpack, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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