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Bag manufacturer to teach you how to fold the bag -

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-28
Bag also can be seen everywhere in life, especially now that people prefer outdoor activities or travel, also is inseparable from the carry bag, travel is more willing to concise, as a result, the folding bag out. As a travel bag manufacturer, also received a lot of customer feedback, before folding bag consulting how proportion is larger, the following, bag factory to share the art shine folding techniques: first of all, the folding bag, it's very convenient to carry, folded only coke bottle size, is very convenient to carry and use, can put a lot of clothes, is also very convenient to travel. Folding bag folding a total of six steps, as can be seen from below, folding bag, for travel, said come away trip can start at once, for receive that occupy the home, never trouble because of the extra items, open when using, need not when, receive up, so to speak, folding bag is travel at home.
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