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Bag manufacturer to teach you how to choose the right bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-01
Every journey begins with one step, go far away or out of town, hard to avoid is to choose a suitable bag can set his mind at to go out, now it is the pursuit of simplicity, don't like to travel so heavy, prefers to travel light, to a trip for myself come away, below, directed by bag factory for you: how to choose the right bag. 1, choose according to travel cycle short, time is short, there would be fewer natural things, it is ok to go out with some handy items, so in this case, select the package don't need too big, general backpack or fitness sports bag can also act as the role of the travel bag, along with our short trip to visit. Travel cycle is long, generally more than three days, then the belongings will be more, can be equipped with a pull rod box, feel things still has a lot of not fit, can also be equipped with a folding bag, use of time, can open, also can be folded when not in use on the pull rod box, in a word, equipped with such a folding package, is a precaution. 2, transportation is need to consider to take the train or the bus, or plane, is need in a variety of vehicles moving at any time, you will need to consider the types of bags, portable or wheeled backpacks so well suited to trains, planes and the overhead compartment of the bus. Type 3, tourism, if this is to choose the city tour, the traffic is more convenient, the way is easy, pulling a suitcase can, if is to choose some of the home stay facility in the country, feel the natural scenery, the road will be a little difference, luggage is not very practical, it needs to be portable bag, let you walk more convenient. 4, seaside beach like this kind of situation, want to go to play, rod box is certainly not line, this kind of scenario, single shoulder bag, handbags are very practical, carry the can walk said. Small make up summary: bag manufacturer to teach you how to choose the suitable bag, is a simple introduction here, today to learn more knowledge, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or below the public, we will have a beautiful gift given.
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