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【 Bag custom 】 How to design the custom for bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-06
is can be tailored according to customer request design customized, manufacturers in the past the reception customer Jin Jieqiang, often find a problem, so it's a lot of customers on the bag design custom questions don't understand, when consulting the factory, will be more focus on understanding design custom this aspect of the related content. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer brought everyone together to understand understand bag is how to design a custom. design custom, can be divided into two types, one is the customer provide drawings, the second is the customer drawings, demand for custom design, the difference between the two is not big, but it has its own different. Provide design drawings, customer information of bag style, size, color and so on all have clear requirements, some professional customers and even with what material has been clear. Such aspects are more clear customer demand, in the process of communication with the factory, both sides can save a lot of energy, manufacturers only need to be determined according to customer requirements proofing and sample after confirm big goods production, the whole bag will greatly reduce the time needed for production of custom. The customer design and require manufacturers to design custom is not available, the first test is the manufacturer of the overall strength, only professional manufacturer of power and equipped with design team to provide customers with complete professional bag design. Second, many customers without design, early in their school bags custom specific requirements unclear, which requires between customers and manufacturers spend a lot of time, energy, the specific communication, all aspects of the clear bag design requirements, and then complete the design is possible. Finally, as a result of the preliminary design, communication and so on various aspects work is tedious, part of the manufacturer to protect their rights and interests, the early time is to charge a certain design or design of the deposit, the requirements of friends, can want to prepare for related to heart. The above is Jin Jieqiang related relevant knowledge about bag design custom solutions, you understand? If still have what not understand, you can online consulting or dial the hotline 4000061690 oriented Jin Jieqiang customer service to learn more.
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