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Bag can come to sample customization

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-03
Some customers have their own bag samples, looking for the bags custom manufacturers, will doubt manufacturer can accept the incoming sample custom, for that matter, Jin Jieqiang small make up for you to answer right away. Accept make up bag is for most bags manufacturer, incoming sample custom, but the client need to send your sample to factory check, the manufacturer carefully read sample package material, style, size, etc. , can give a very specific price, and then manufacturers still need according to the sample bag out of paper, so that the follow-up version of the production. Then, manufacturer can produce the same bag, this problem is also a lot of customers to worry about, in general, as long as it's not particularly complex process, the factory can produce according to customer's sample packages basically out of the same, but the factory can't do, also can communicate in advance. Custom children's bag, choose Jin Jieqiang! The quality of the goods time all rest assured, as benchmarking enterprise of guangdong suitcase industry custom, Jin Jieqiang has focused on bags production and research and development, is committed to providing valuable backpack custom services. After twelve years of development, improve the quality of the product research and development system, the control system, is to let buyers trust of manufacturers!
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