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Bag can be customized? What are the good manufacturer recommendations

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-30
Bag is, of course, can be customized, are now more popular OEM/ODM orders, also supports on-demand customization, diverse category, especially some enterprises festival or company events, is the need for corporate welfare gift custom, you can customize some luggage as welfare, company can build a harmonious atmosphere can also play a role to promote. Underneath, small make up art shine to recommend a few suitable for welfare gift bag. A, move feeling cool fashion bag cool appearance design, with independent shoe warehouse, with internal dry wet depart, color variety, suitable for ladies exclusive 19 inch, and also for man carefully designed 22 inches, to shoulder alone, also can hands, sports fitness, outdoor travel has it is enough. Second, Hong Kong brand high-capacity fold bag work now young people, prefer to pursue vogue and popular logo, especially some prefer Hong Kong brand clothing accessories, according to these characteristics, art shine put port card 'light wave' into the design process, strives for perfection, is not only stylish appearance, on the use function, we also personally experience in their own suitable Angle, but also to give the user a better experience. Three, travel to receive bag, give a person the sense of passing in summer, it is hot and dry, but travel, it will take some necessary items, and the travel to receive inclined shoulder bag, just right is concave shape your brush street, five classical joker color, with any popular logo is milk thought, fabrics collocation Y - K - K zipper elegant, practical and appearance level, wind restoring ancient ways, rich colour collocation, break depressing feeling. Travel bag custom, choose arts fine, a real bag source custom manufacturer, proprietary brand, original design, our aim is customer is given priority to, product design and to make real love, is willing to cooperate with each customer build a better tomorrow.
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