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Backpacking custom with the fabric have any requirements

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-19
Backpacking custom for fabrics and backpacking is directly related to the choice of good or bad of the final product quality, and backpacking for more outdoor activities, for the backpack higher quality requirements, so, in choosing a travel backpack custom fabrics, we will pay attention to of the control from the raw materials, raw materials quality pass, the final quality backpack is the basic guarantee, the following, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give us the travel bags custom about your fabric requirements, learn together. 1, choice of fabric more lightweight backpacking for outdoor activities, travel in the process of carrying luggage is not easy, especially in some outdoor activities, it is difficult, such as hiking, mountain climbing or, for lightweight backpacking request was higher, so, when choose the fabric, it is very important to its portability, want to reduce the weight of the knapsack, first of all have to reduce the fabric weight from the source. 2, fabrics, choose high wear resistance, strength, degree of most outdoor travel conditions are relatively poor, especially like hiking, mountain climbing, cross-country and so on professional outdoor activities, the environment is bad contact, backpack will often come into contact with gravel, thorns, and so on animals and plants, to prevent wear backpack for a prang ceng cannot use, in choosing a fabric will choose abrasion scrape resistance, strong degree is high, so even if the harsh outdoor environment, backpack can also withstand test, can better help users easily through travel times. 3, the fabric is waterproof as the saying goes, it is the unforeseen that at the time of outdoor play, the most afraid of be a sudden rain, so, for better protection items in the backpack trip, choose the fabric is waterproof, so even if it rains, also need not worry about the package items was suddenly get wet. Backpacking customization options which fabric is good? Answers Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for you, quick to learn consulting, travel bags custom which good? , I'd choose Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang was established 15 years, not only have rich experience in production bags, have enough ability to research and development to customer demand design new style, choose Jin Jieqiang custom bags, brand bags custom manufacturer, with strength guaranteed, trustworthy, worthy of choice
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