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Backpacking choice should pay attention to details

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-19
The end of 2018, many people will choose to end the work ahead of time, so that by the end of the year to play their yearning for a long time, if a says to go travel, the travel bag but cannot little, today, Jin Jieqiang small make up backpacking gave you talk about choice should pay attention to details, know to understand together. 1, selected from backpacking trip pack size determines the length of the trip distance, 30 - 40 l travel backpack in the city ran half a month should be enough, if the wild choose 58 l, also can pack a sleeping bag, POTS, etc. , bigger mountaineering backpack would be more perfect in function. Note: the above selection criteria are in line with the men, women, small plate, choose the backpack in the 30 - as far as possible 45L。 2, from travel backpack design choice travel bags design is divided into external framing backpack, inner frame type bags and soft make up bag, the girls try to choose lightweight design of the soft make up bag, because too much things girls generally cannot afford. Man, that is, if choose inner frame backpack is actually good, because outside framing bags lay particular stress on, carry forward. 3, from travel backpack design choice travel bags design should pay attention to the shoulder strap, the structure of the waist and back design. For the design of the shoulder belt width as far as possible, can choose grid and diving material, as far as possible to thick air permeability; The waist structure refers to the fixed buckle and belt, the design can let the bag close to the body and solid, is not affected in activities; Back design has two kinds, one kind is the sanming grid of cotton triangle venting system, used to cut back, direct contact with backpack on and ventilation effect. The second is the sandwich mesh universal coverage back, let with elastic breathable, omni-directional protecting shoulder every point, let bear get an optimal state of relaxation. Custom luggage Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, we are a professional gift bag of customized manufacturer, was founded in 2004, and it has excellent design and production team, can provide you with more high quality gift bags custom service!
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