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Backpack zipper daily how to maintain

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-20
Backpack zipper is one of the important parts of backpack, backpack zipper sometimes quality will directly affect the service life of the backpack, there are a lot of people will be abandoned because of the zipper problem the backpack. Therefore, daily for backpack zipper we will pay attention to do maintenance, lest caused by zipper problem all over the backpack can't use is wasted. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer backpack zipper daily gave you talk about how to maintain, understand understand together. 1, at ordinary times when using, pay attention to the zipper on the presence of & other Belly & throughout; 、“ Take off a tooth & throughout; , skew, etc, has the problem to repair in time, don't be hard to pull. If the zipper loose hair and teeth, available on zipper head with hammer knock gently a few times, make up and down the chain of tooth bite tight, it will not take off a tooth again. 2, the zipper is susceptible to corrosion of aluminum alloy, so should be kept dry, do not be affected with damp be affected with damp, to prevent tooth generated white oxides, aluminum time can also lead to zipper rust, affect the use, at the same time also should pay attention to not contact with alkaline and acidic substances. When saved to guarantee a certain amount of ventilation, do not seal save, don't be stored in the environment full of moisture, it is necessary to have to use when the wet paper or desiccant. If the zipper be affected with damp be affected with damp, pull hair acerbity; Zip at this moment, to bask in the sun, and then, apply some wax on zipper teeth, melting with fire again, so use up, very lubrication. 3, pull the zipper, the tooth closer alignment on both sides of the first, and then hold zipper head along the orbit gently pull forward, do not force yank, lest cause & other; Tooth skew & throughout; 、“ Belly & throughout; And & other Take off a tooth & throughout; 。 If the zipper send acerbity, pull the inflexible, can clean cloth after first in & other; Teeth & throughout; On a layer of ash. 4, a zippered all kinds of bags, pockets or purses, don't act too full, or to cause & other; make the zipper Belly & throughout; 、“ Take off a tooth & throughout; The phenomenon such as, skew and soft cloth. The above is about & other; Backpack zipper daily how to maintain throughout the &; Simple introduced, backpack zipper daily in addition to pay attention to the maintenance, the correct method of use is very important also, daily maintenance + correct use, can effectively increase the service life of the zipper, if you still have what not understand, please call our Jin Jieqiang hotline 4000061690 free consultation for details.
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