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Backpack which brand is better

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-29
With the improvement of people's living conditions, people for the various items of brand awareness increases, the backpack is not exceptional also, many people or backpack when the choose and buy, often considered a factor is the brand awareness, because a lot of brand represents the quality stand or fall, and all kinds of backpack brands plenty on the market, if consumers do not understand relevant information, easy to get the backpack quality is bad. So, backpack which brand is better? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang small make up is how to say it. Competition among the brand, not only embodies in design color, material, workmanship, accessories and so on factor is a key part of the backpack quality decision, if all aspects backpack details are tested, that no matter what brand of bag, this backpack backpack is a reliable quality. 1, there are many kinds of material to make the material of backpack, different material to pack to the quality, if you want to find a good quality make up bag, the material selection is very important. Bags for the unit with the density of material quality, the higher the density, on behalf of the material quality, the better, the more sturdy. 2, a backpack quality pass, the work must be very delicate, stitch density, uniform go line, thread and burrs doesn't exist, all the stress point of suture needle sewing back three times, make the stress position is strong and durable. 3, good accessories bags to use, not all kinds of accessories, like a zipper, pull head, hardware button and so on, has its important role. Metal zipper good backpack zipper pull right will be smooth, there are few card lag phenomenon. In the controller design of zipper will be more attentively, will handle design is relatively big and thick, simple sense is enough. Inferior is the cheap ordinary backpack zipper zipper, not only the bearing capacity is insufficient, and generally handles are made of thin, no sense. Inside the backpack in general, the high quality bag inside should be has good practicability, and shall be smooth and orderly, and USES the high density of polyester. High quality backpack shoulder belt buckles, are generally relatively large, thick and solid. Also is fine, no plastic burrs and other impurities. And ordinary backpack straps with recycled plastic, it can, of course, lower production costs, however, we all know that the secondary material is easily broken, this clasp with stability would be much worse. Backpack carry presbyopia of choose and buy, try customization, all according to your requirements, give you unique exclusive backpack. Backpack customization, find Jin Jieqiang! We established in 2004, with independent research and development, design, production capacity, professional OEM customize various versions, and to provide for customized services, focusing on bags custom 14 years, quality and price material benefit, is your trusted manufacturers!
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