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Backpack major manufacturers offer to consider what factors

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-30
A penny a points goods, to remain constant. Want to good quality, also want to price low, certainly not reality, don't believe in heaven will fall pie. Take the present popular backpack custom, custom different style of backpack, backpack manufacturers offer often different, even if the appearance of the same bag, price may also vary. In fact, this is because the production cost of backpack in addition to the affected by the style, also with the material, structure, process, accessories and so on. So, do you know the backpack major manufacturers offer to consider what factors? 1, material. Material is make up bag manufacturer to offer the most direct factors to consider, different material to pack, the effect is not the same, backpack manufacturers price is different also, of course. Even if it's just part of the material is qualitative different, price also can have differences, such as the same is 1680 d nylon, but the bottom of the PVC and PU bottom of two backpacks, production cost is different, backpack manufacturers price is different also. 2, process. A backpack work process, is also a bag manufacturer to offer one of the important factors to consider. As an example, for instance, when customization backpack, some backpack manufacturer directly the PE board when pearl cotton is used, and some backpack manufacturer is the PE board cloth sewn together with the fabric, resulting in the material, but the effect to be made to, price nature is different also. 3, quantity. In general, each bag factory has the minimum order quantity requirement, can not meet the minimum quantity will not order, and the greater the number, backpack manufacturers often lower quotation. If backpack custom is big enough, no matter from the material, cutting all link water flowing down, the high cost of natural could be greatly reduced, with the decrease of backpack manufacturers offer also. Jin Jieqiang has a modern standard production workshop and international automation production equipment, adopt the lean production and information management model, formed from product design, manufacturing, quality control, sales and after-sales service, such as a set of complete system is a reliable backpack manufacturers!
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