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Backpack design custom, these don't trample ray point

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-17
In today's personalized bags custom is very popular, backpack design custom became a way of choice for many customers to pursue uniqueness, want to and others don't bump package, exclusive design custom make up bag that is on the market & other; Only a & throughout; 。 But custom backpack design difficulty coefficient is higher than other types of bags custom, also easy to appear during some & other; Ray point & throughout; Again, if do not pay attention to avoid in the process of design and customize these & other; Ray & throughout; And maybe you will fell into the pit. Jin Jieqiang would now like to simple say to you about my backpack design & custom easy to meet other Ray point & throughout; , I hope you don't step on a. 1, backpack design custom fee & other; Ray point & throughout; Backpack design custom must have a complete design, this design if the manufacturers, the manufacturers to protect their own interests, is the requirement of a certain design fee. Here & other; Ray point & throughout; Is to pay attention to the understanding of relevant market, to avoid some bad manufacturer for the design fee lion big openings. Backpack design custom fees according to the design difficulty of high and low and calm, the more simple backpack design cost is lower, and vice versa. Customers about the cost of design, custom and manufacturers know ahead of time, in order to avoid both sides all details settled the, should really be discussing results ended in the cost of design, that is to avoid the waste of both time and energy. 2, backpack design custom manufacturers strength & other; Ray point & throughout; Backpack design custom but manufacturers test the strength of a real effective means, and if the manufacturer has no professional design team, it is impossible to design issue to customer satisfaction. So the custom will know the factory in advance whether true professional, and the design team of high strength, to avoid the fool. If you then spent big money on a design but also meet with a wide spectrum of manufacturers, estimate you are so angry that he want to vomiting blood! As a result, many aspects about ahead of time, I know factory real power really is very important. Backpack design customization, recommend Jin Jieqiang. Jin Jieqiang focus backpack customization for 16 years, has a professional and powerful design and production team, also has won & other; Throughout the 26th universiade silver & craft gift design; “ “ Shenzhen & middot; Golden phoenix & throughout; Craft innovation award, the gold medal & throughout; , and other prestigious awards, and has been for TCL, alishan, well-known companies such as dell, HOME LINK design custom all kinds of gift bags, product deeply the customer high praise and affirmation, visible design strength, the backpack design customization, choose Jin Jieqiang is your wise choice, worry.
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