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Backpack custom what techniques to master

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-21
Said to backpack customization techniques, some would argue, is backpack custom need any skills? Looking for a make up bag manufacturer directly, according to their willingness to arrange custom not with respect to ok! Jin Jieqiang manufacturers tell everybody here: if the backpack custom, you have such idea, that would be wrong, could have such bags that don't know backpack custom fields, have such idea, it is impossible to customize out high quality bag products. Here, give us the high quality bags custom what techniques to master, understanding to understand together. Skill 1: multiple factory after comparison, it's important to find appropriate own backpack when the custom one point is clear their own custom demand, there is no such thing as the so-called skill, without these like backpack style, material, size, budget and so on demand details are to be determined in advance, only determine the specific requirements, looking for a manufacturer to targeted. Backpack manufacturers between their respective production ability is different, some are good at doing bags, some good at men's bags, backpack custom industry, all kinds of backpack production has a variety of professional equipment and professional personnel, seemingly peers than peers. If you know about these is not thorough, grab a backpack to place the order with you factory production, if the mismatch may cause your this single backpack custom trouble later. So appropriate make up bag manufacturer is very important. Skills 2: put all the preparatory work in advance when the backpack customization requirements clearly, to prepare for the work ahead of time also is very important on the one hand. Such as many experienced big business for backpack custom are reserved about 2 months time to do the preparatory work, this time is used to statistical enterprise or unit interior demand quantity, statistical enterprise interior various personalized requirements. Plane, of course, go to the other. If backpack custom is independent design style, both which backpack manufacturers need time to run-in with satisfactory. If it is customized need to prepare samples in advance, even if it is the manufacturer can provide the sample to also want to arrange in advance to their hand to compare. These jobs are need to arrange in advance to make yourself not in a passive situation. Three skills: carding process, maintain communication backpack customize the entire process is complicated and tedious, not online you can immediately said to do production, both sides confirm with early & ndash; Proofing - Confirmed - Or modify confirmation - again Order production - Set the material - Set the process - Scheduling - On the production line, Complex bag need dozens or hundreds of procedure eventually completed) - Offline - Quality - Packing - Send the goods. This one process each link can't appear any problems, otherwise the consequence is to bring a lot of trouble, in order to be able to avoid these problems, the best thing to do is to customize the process relatively complex make up bag detailed comb, and then make a clear decision, to communicate with factory to keep in touch at any time, so that the normal production schedule, to ensure that the factory can deliver on time. The above is about & other; Backpack custom require to master what skills & throughout; Simple introduced the backpack customized not everybody imagination of so complicated and not so simple, if you have any friends and doubt, can online consulting Jin Jieqiang customer service, we will answer for you with all sincerity.
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