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Backpack custom to choose the nylon fabric good Oxford fabric is better

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-21
Backpacks are a lot of choice and custom fabrics, fabric quality directly affect the quality of bag, therefore, in the backpack custom, comparison pay attention to the choice of fabric, nylon fabric and Oxford cloth fabrics on the market is widely used, so, backpack custom choose the nylon fabric or Oxford cloth fabric good? Listen to Jin Jieqiang below small make up for this problem is how to solve it. Nylon fabric with Oxford cloth fabric have distinguishing feature each, its waterproof and abrasion resistance is good, but than nylon Oxford cloth fabric weight is heavy, so if you want to customize the portable bag, suggested that choose the nylon fabric. It is worth noting that the nylon fabrics lightsome is both advantages and disadvantages, because light fabrics to pack the overall shape is not so strong, so, want to customize shape good backpack, Oxford cloth fabric choice is better. Nylon fabric are the main characteristics of wear-resisting performance is wonderful, especially high density nylon fabric, excellent wear resistance, and hygroscopicity of nylon fabric belongs to the good varieties in the synthetic fabrics, therefore made of nylon bag with will be more comfortable breathe freely. Nylon belong to light fabric, made bags will than other fabrics made of lighter weight, better for travel use. As a result, many outdoor backpack production when they choose the nylon fabric. But because the light and soft nylon fabrics, easy deformation under the external force, so the general protective make up bag will not choose to use nylon fabric. And the main characteristic of Oxford fabric is wear-resisting performance is good, has the high strength and elastic recovery ability, so the Oxford cloth fabric making bags fast and durable, anti-wrinkle wash and wear. Oxford cloth hygroscopicity was weaker than nylon, permeability is not as good as nylon, but easy to dry, after Oxford cloth washed fabric strength little drops, so not easy to distort, can better protect the insured goods in no harm, if custom computer bags, Oxford cloth fabric is a good choice. Nylon Oxford cloth fabrics have different characteristics, and as for the choice of which is good, also is really different from person to person, owing to the different purpose, we can according to their own needs to choose in custom fabrics. Gift bags customized to find manufacturers, please look for the Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang is a professional bags customized manufacturer, was founded in 2004, has been operating for more than ten years. For more than ten years, we only focused on bags custom service, first service a baidu, alibaba, market network and large companies such as HP technology, design and production is rich, trustworthy!
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