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【 Backpack custom small classroom 】 Canvas of Ann is what mean?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-04
Custom canvas bag when select material, manufacturer of backpack often greet customers need how many canvas material, but many customers do not understand, can ask: & other; Canvas of Ann for what does it mean & throughout; ,“ What are the differences? & throughout; 吗? Canvas Ann number refers to the canvas warp/weft density, Ann number represents the fabric texture roughness. The more, the greater the number of weight, the greater the surface is rough, the greater the texture. The smaller the number of Ann is the lighter in weight. Surface more smooth, more exquisite texture. Canvas gram, usually refers to the weight of one square metre, said the thickness of the canvas and other fabrics, the higher the gram weight, the greater the thickness. Cotton canvas is a relatively thick fabric, yarn count is given priority to with 10 s, another 7 s, 16 s, 21 s, 32 s, geographic and generally consists of more than 2 strands of yarn twist, some zonal can be a single strands of yarn. Give priority to with plain fabric, also have a small amount of twill and jacquard organization. Commonly used there are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24. The unit & other; Ann & throughout; In fact is the habit of ounces. G is 160 - 700 g/m. Generally, 160 - More than 340 gram, used for handbags, shopping bags, shoes and hats, toys, clothing, arts and crafts. More than 500 grams for tool bag, hammock, sandbags bag, etc. So by weight sorting, 16, 20. 6 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 21 s / 2 & times; 10 s density: 51 * 408 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 21 s / 2 & times; 10 s density: 72 * 4010 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 10 s / 2 & times; 10 s density: 43 * 3012 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 10 s / 2 & times; Density of 10 s / 2:43 * 2714 Ann canvas: yarn weave: 10 s / 2 & times; 10 s / 3 density: 46 * 2816 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 10 s / 3 & times; 10 s / 3 density: 39 * 2418 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 10 s / 3 & times; 10 s / 4 density: 39 * 2520 Ann: canvas yarn weave: 10 10 s/s / 4 * 4 density: 32 * 22 above is about & other; What is the meaning of number of Ann canvas & throughout; Simple introduced, you know something about canvas Ann number? If still have what not understand, we welcome the toll-free hotline 4000061690 or click on online consulting custom small knowledge, know more make up bag ksmart will serve you wholeheartedly.
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