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Backpack custom price why price difference with the Internet

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-28
Online shopping developed, make a lot of people have a sense of comparison, many clients have a backpack customization requirements, will the Internet for a similar style or compare the price with the bag, and most of the online price is below the make up bag manufacturer of custom quote, to this, the customer will have question, why the price will be lower than manufacturer to offer online, deliberately high prices quoted manufacturer? This Jin Jieqiang manufacturer backpack custom gave you talk about the price and online today why price difference, what reason is together. Number 1, number reason size is established in offline and online sales prices were one of the important reasons for the differences, in general, the same design is the same material of backpack, the more the cheaper price, many online sellers one-off custom number is based on thousands of even tens of thousands of units, quantity, cost is relatively in a controllable scope, also is relatively easy to reduce the cost, the cost is low, the sales price will fall. And the number of custom offline backpack custom most customers are ranging from dozens to hundreds of few number of customers can have more than one thousand, and less number of custom, manufacturer production cost is bad control, unable to reduce costs, to reduce the cost, to the customer quotation nature will be higher. 2, material qualitative differences also is one of the important factors that cause the price difference, the material of backpack customization available there are a lot of, the same material yarn weave density is different, the price difference is very big, a lot of online material used in the backpack is relatively poor, but a lot of customer is a layman, for material difference might not understand, so, more packages, will only compare from the appearance, easy to overlook the material and other factors. And custom backpack, majority is to use good material, good material nature would increase the cost and the custom price will be higher. So, compare the prices, we cannot treat as the same. 3, artificial cost, if you ask price at a bags in different areas of the plant, there may be a very big disparity, such as you in shenzhen and hebei asked the price of the make up bag, that's different, because the cost of workers, shenzhen may be slightly more expensive because of the high cost of workers of shenzhen, relative hebei there do bag factory, the overall price will float to a certain extent, therefore, producing area is one of the reasons caused by the change in price. Online purchase, the product quality could not see, and offline custom, can hold, the goods are of good quality and material, etc all can choose their own style, fully realize the personalized custom, is how today's popular custom. If you're looking for high quality, long-term cooperation, can reduce the make up bag factory don't work for you, please find our Jin Jieqiang, we will provide the best service and the best product quality, must make you satisfied, we undertake all kinds of bags ODM, OEM OEM, strong design strength, rich production experience, set up time for 14 years, the quality of the goods time all rest assured! Since it was founded in 2004, served Jin Jieqiang baidu, huayi, TCL, many well-known enterprises such as alibaba, also give some international famous bags done OEM brand, strength appears, trustworthy, worthy of choice!
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