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Backpack custom price is influenced by what factors

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-27
As the saying goes, & other; Good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good & throughout; , which have a point. Many companies want in custom backpack when product quality is good and want to low price, it definitely is not realistic, after all, the cost is there, the factory can't do business at a loss. So, backpack custom price is influenced by what factors? It is of the biggest concerns of many enterprises procurement staff, because only by understanding what are the influence factors of the backpack custom price, budget control can achieve more reasonable. Let below small make up take you to get to know to understand this knowledge. 1, backpack material bags, material is the main influence factors of manufacturers offer bags there are many kinds of material, made of different material bags quality is not the same, good material is sure to make a high quality make up bag, but the price is relatively high. Backpack material differs character, therefore, the manufacturer offer would be different, even if the same style of backpack, if material is qualitative different, quotation will be difference. So, don't see manufacturers enterprises in the purchase price is a little higher, you was in the pit, the key also need to know what is the material of backpack, to purchase to the appropriate price and quality of a backpack. 2, backpack backpack style design is complicated or not is also a manufacturer to offer an important factors, because of different design production process is different, when the design is more complex, craft is exquisite, the production time is longer, the higher production cost, on the contrary, the lower the production cost. And custom backpack is produced according to customer demand, if customer want to pack with design, the production cost will be higher, manufacturers offer will have improved. 3, backpack number of custom bags custom number is one of the factors that affect manufacturers offer, in general, the higher the number of custom, factory quotation is lower. If backpack custom number, manufacturer of the whole production cost control is reasonable, there will reduce waste, the production cost reduced, factory price nature also decreases. And many bags custom manufacturers to save costs, is the minimum order requirements for a number of custom, and if the order can not meet the relevant provisions, the manufacturer will not order, so as not to do business at a loss. Custom bags look Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang as independent manufacturers, production capacity, product quality, sampling rate and the cost control can completely meet the production requirements of large orders to customers, to undertake all kinds of bags OEM and ODM orders, provide to sample processing, OEM, OEM foundry, also can according to customer design or description to provide design services and production, we in the design, material, process and so on each link has accumulated rich practical experience, trustworthy!
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