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Backpack custom manufacturer, why you provide the material and size

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-27
In today's popular backpack custom, many enterprises have the needs of the backpack, wholesale prices relative to the custom to high, so many enterprises choose custom backpack find factories or middlemen. Backpack custom manufacturer, why you provide the material and size? Let's look at below. A, provide material when you give factory send a sample pictures, factory usually ask you size parameters such as material. Why the quotation need to know the material of backpack? Because usually use backpack material more than N, the price of each type of material is different, so will affect the unit price of backpack. Manufacturer needs to know the material of backpack, is also in order to offer more accurate price. If you don't know the material, or if you just backpack design, it does not matter the material of backpack, you can let the factory to recommend to you, can be designed according to the price of your budget, can also according to your quality or functional requirements to recommend, such as waterproof, super light, etc. Second, provide the size the size of the backpack, affects the amount of fabric, which affects the cost accounting, the size of the make up bag, also affect the processing time, which affects wages, and these are an important factor of the cost. Why order backpack will need to provide size? Because the teacher in the accounting prices, is accounting materials dosage, hourly wages and so on. So, whether custom backpack, laptop bag or ordered, or backpack, and so on, all must provide the size to factories, to proceed in a more accurate quotation. In addition, backpack custom-made fees in addition to basic fabric, and hardware, zipper accessories such as cost, these parts has different price, can choose by oneself, cost is transparent. Customize the make up bag price is wholesale price is to offer a lot of, but also to reach a certain amount. Factories have a minimum quantity limit, like our Jin Jieqiang, generally the minimum order quantity is over 500. In addition, some enterprises need to printing LOGO, the LOGO of the main means making are screen printing, thermal transfer, embroidery, glue, metal label and woven lable, and so on, different ways of production, the price also is different. Backpack custom manufacturers are looking for? Jin Jieqiang is a equipment planning, design, production and sales, and industry and trade enterprises, self-built bag factory, the company since its inception, always adhere to the people-oriented, innovation for the development of the power, firm implementation of the system innovation, at present, the company has a large number of highly qualified professionals, backpacks, computer bags, rod boxes and other custom experience, LOGO can be customized according to customer requirements, welcome to figure to sample processing customized!
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