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Backpack custom LOGO printing technology commonly used

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-28
LOGO as a sign, not only is the symbol of the enterprise culture, is an enterprise of advertising, therefore, whether the enterprise or group at the time of custom bags, manufacturers in the print on the product will require their own LOGO, so that the side will enhance the enterprise the publicity effect. When it comes to the LOGO printing, what do you know the LOGO printing? Let Jin Jieqiang below small make up to introduce some commonly used LOGO printing technology, know to understand together. 1, hot stamping, hot stamping and become embossing, is the product hot or hot pressing on the corresponding design. This way is suitable for printing, paper, leather and other material which can be either printed color LOGO, also can print one color LOGO. 2, pad printing, pad printing ink on the surface of the print head pressure to need printed products. This way is suitable for printing on polyester fiber, cotton and wool and other materials, LOGO printed this way has strong stereo feeling, level detail clear. 3, in the metal oxide product surface with point discharge and film graphic generation. This way is suitable for metal or alloy material such as printing, this way is more beautiful than any other method to print the LOGO in the metal surface. 4, needlepoint this way of printing is the traditional needle embroidering diagram, into a modern machine embroidering diagram. This way is suitable for all kinds of fabric products, should be the most close to the ancient craft technique of modern technology, just changed by manual for the machine will work. This way the embroidery LOGO is very delicate, bright colors, smooth surface, especially beautiful. 5, screen printing, the printing ink through a special grid printing graphic on product formation. This way of application is very wide, the vast majority of the material is fit for this kind of printing method. This way is not easy to damage the product, the cost is low. 6, laser marking laser mark basic principle is that by continuous laser generator to generate the high-energy laser beam, focusing on the laser effect after Yu Chengyin material, the surface material moment fused, gasification, even through control the path of laser in material surface, forming a need by tags. A laser target characteristics is contact processing, can be in any of the deformed surface engraving, artifacts will have internal stress, deformation and is suitable for metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather and other materials. Laser marking is low in cost, fast speed, the effect is very good also, therefore, this technology in the backpack printed LOGO application is very extensive. Above is Jin Jieqiang for everybody simple introduction about the LOGO printing commonly used several kinds of technology, we all understand? Judging from the design, technology and material choice knapsack LOGO is good or bad, and enterprises to select custom backpack, its LOGO LOGO can indirectly reflect the strength of the enterprise and the image of the enterprise, so choose a good backpack production manufacturer is very important. And Jin Jieqiang focus on bags custom 15 years, is a trustworthy make up bag making factory!
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